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RHODIUS Non-woven cleaning tools

The RHODIUS cleaning nylon discs are made of a coarsely structured, hard nylon. The nylon structure adapts to the contours of the workpiece to ensure thorough cleaning. There is no geometric change to the surface since only foreign materials such as rust and discolourations are removed. No residues are left on the workpiece.

Technical brushes from RHODIUS

Wheel brushes, cup brushes, bevel wheel brushes, flap wheel brushes, end brushes, hand brushes. Brushes for steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium) and wood.

Fill materials of RHODIUS brushes

  • Quality steel wire crimped or smooth
  • Brass wire and brass-coated steel wire
  • Grinding bristles made of Aluminium oxide or Silicon carbide
  • Quality steel wire, plastic-bonded