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Diamond tools

Diamond tools

RHODIUS Diamond discs & cup wheels

Regardless if they have to work on natural stone, tiles or concrete – professional users expect clean cuts and a long lifetime from a diamond cutting disc. There are three main factors which decide the way in which a diamond cutting disc behaves during use::

  • Quality of the diamonds
  • Bond strength of the segments
  • Shape of cutting edge

High-grade, industrially manufactured diamonds ensure the constant high quality of RHODIUS diamond tools. They are made from graphite under extreme pressure at high temperatures. This means that unlike natural diamonds, their properties can be reproduced at any time. Quality features for diamond cutting discs and cup wheels:

  • Purity
  • Defined ultimate strength
  • Sharp edges
  • Constant geometry

The binding segment of a diamond cutting disc

The diamonds in a diamond cutting disc are integrated in the segment in a metal bond. The composition of the metal powder is chosen depending on the cutting disc’s field of use. If abrasive building materials are to be cut, a hard segment bond is chosen. If the cutting disc is for hard materials, a soft bond is the right choice. The various properties of the metal bond thus affect the cutting ability and segment wear.

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