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Insulated Safety Tools 1000 V

Insulated Safety Tools 1000 V

GEDORE VDE Insulated safety tools

All DIN EN 60900-tested tools must be marked with the manufacturers name, model or type designation, the year of manufacture and the double triangle lightning symbol with the 1000 V detail. All mechanical requirements such as hardness, torque and forces must comply with the DIN-ISO tolerances.

Safety notes for insulated VDE tools

Work on electrically live equipment must be carried out only by trained electricians. Only tools and safety equipment marked with the double triangle or bell 1000 V symbol (refer to BGV A3) must be used. Before commencing any work, check the insulation for damage. Damaged tools must not be used! The regulations of the employers’ liability insurance associations and power supply companies must be complied with. GEDORE VDE tools are approved for work on live circuits at voltages up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC. Tools must not be combined unless they are designed to be securely joined together.